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Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings, Coordinating Registered Professional (MECB-CRP)
Posted Jul. 30, 2015

As a natural extension of our energy modelling for the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings (MECB) Performance Path option, Thurston Engineering Services can now serve as the Coordinating Registered Professional (CRP), required to issue a stamped MECB Certificate of Compliance to the Manitoban municipality prior to final occupancy.


As energy modellers, we believe we are in the best position of all consultants to provide this: the Modeller is the one that is guaranteed to look at all energy systems (architectural, mechanical and electrical) with respect to MECB requirements.  With this cross-scope knowledge, it is simply a matter of discussing any learned MECB compliance issues with other professionals on record (as would be done with the model anyways), and then confirming that construction is as per consultants' MECB-compliant design.  The added cost is minimal, as was the intention with the adoption of MECB.

As always, Thurston Engineering Services strives to add as much value as possible to the process: we encourage teams to add a Modeller early in the process so that the model can be used to gauge cost effectiveness of design options, rather than just used as a verification tool.  Besides, a great advocate of energy modeling and early energy design discussion, Manitoba Hydro (, will foot all or most of the energy model bill through its design incentives.  Zero cost, lots of benefit.