National Energy Code for Buildings in Saskatchewan

Joining its neighbours Manitoba and Alberta, Saskatchewan has adopted the National Energy Code for Buildings 2015 (NECB 2015), coming into effect on January 1, 2019.

Thurston Engineering Services has been ensuring that Manitoba buildings meet the NECB 2011 for a few years now, serving as energy modellers for the Performance Path and as Coordinating Registered Professionals in stamping the building permit applications for meeting NECB/MECB. Through this process (especially as experienced energy modellers through the Performance Path), Thurston has helped developers and designers make informed decisions on design and equipment options that best improve the efficiency of their buildings, thereby meeting the province’s intent in adopting this code.

We are happy that our province is striving for the same standard and will see the same benefit, and we can help any team that is treading new (or old) waters with this code.

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