Need Saskatchewan content or additional manpower on your commissioning team?

Thurston Engineering Services has recently helped CFMS Alberta complete commissioning of the large Saskatoon Police Station.

While Thurston Engineering Services was not involved in the earlier stages of the project, CFMS Alberta recognized that, once the construction got rolling, local on-demand commissioning agents were needed to deal with immediate on-site tasks, to engage the local contractors, and to save travel of its agents from head office.  Thurston Engineering Services was found to be the perfect partner: extremely reliable, flexible, and competent.  Thurston Engineering Services and CFMS have since developed an excellent working relationship, mutually assisting each other when more manpower is needed.

As Saskatoon and Saskatchewan construction continues to boom, Thurston Engineering Services is happy to help visiting contractors, consultants and construction companies deliver their commissioning contracts quicker and with less headache with its local influence.

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