BOMA Best Consultants

BOMA BEST is the largest, Existing Building, environmental and certification program in Canada.  As a unique and voluntary program, BOMA BEST provides building owners and managers an avenue to assess the environmental performance and management of their existing building, regardless of the type of building.  This program involves a set of 16 mandatory BEST Practices plus 10 sections that ask specific questions regarding your practices, your equipment and your procedures for managing and operating your building.

Our services range from assisting you in your full BOMA application to the development of your Best Practices, conducting any of the required audits (Energy, Water, Waste, Indoor Air Quality) and assisting in the BOMA online questions and submissions.  We can tailor our services to meet your requirements and ability to complete BOMA BEST certification.

Benefits:  BOMA BEST is an ideal opportunity to realize where your energy dollars are being spent (and how you can reduce your carbon footprint), the amount of water you consume (and how to minimize it), how well you and your tenants are doing on recycling and waste diversion and implement good maintenance practices for your building.  Happy tenants = happy owners/managers.

Check out the program:


Energy Audit and Plan

Step 1.

Re-Commissioning or Retro-Commissioning

A really good Step 2.

Measurement and Verification

Step infinite.