National Energy Code For Buildings (NECB) 2017 Compliance Consultants In Saskatchewan

With Saskatchewan joining other Prairie provinces in legislating NECB, Thurston Engineering Services can deliver on all requirements at home, as it has and continues to do for neighbouring Alberta and Manitoba:


There are 3 paths to compliance, and Thurston can quickly tell you what fits your project.

Prescriptive or Trade-off Paths:

As recommended for some simple buildings that fit the criteria, Thurston can assess prescriptive requirements, assist in or do trade-off calculations on the way to compliance.

Performance Path:

By far the most flexible path with most value-engineering potential, Thurston can expertly build complex energy models to prove compliance via infinite trade-offs between architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems.  If early in design, these models can be used to advise design to the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures.


Recognized by all Prairie professional engineering authorities, Thurston can complete and stamp the paperwork for your Authority Having Jurisdiction.


If you work in small projects that require compliance, maybe you need just some custom training rather than an energy consultant.  We can prepare a custom presentation with overview of NECB, with a deep dive into the parts you really need to know, and with some lessons learned on what works and what does not from an experienced energy consultant.

Performance Path Model

See what energy modelling can do for you, we are nationally recognized experts in the field.