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Commissioning…and more

Whether it is LEED Commissioning (Fundamental EAp1, Best Practice EAc3, Enhanced CI EAc3), Retro-Commissioning, Re-Commissioning or Commissioning of a new “non-LEED” project, commissioning is a vital and beneficial service for building owners.

Commissioning will ensure that your mechanical systems (HVAC) and the systems that control them (Building Management Systems, Energy Management Control Systems) function correctly before you, the Owner, take them over. In our decade of experience, there has not been a single job where all the systems worked the first time.

Benefits: Fewer call backs; minimized energy consumption; optimized indoor air quality and occupant comfort; fewer complaints to building operations staff

For new buildings, our services are often dictated by requirements of LEED or Green Globes. If your goal is to realize the benefits of commissioning without the green building certification, our services can be modified to meet your needs.

LEED Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems (EAp1) service includes:

  • Be the 3rd Party Commissioning Agent
  • Assemble the Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Assemble the Basis of Design
  • Prepare a Commissioning Plan
  • Verify functional performance of HVAC equipment
  • Ensure building operations staff are trained on equipment
  • Review O&M manuals for completeness
  • Prepare Commissioning Reports

LEED Enhanced Commissioning (EAc3) service includes:

  • Perform Design Reviews at various stages
  • Review Contractor submittals (M&E)
  • Provide a Systems Manual
  • Review building operation with O&M Staff

For existing buildings, two terms are often used to describe the on-site and design document checks that tune your building to its designed potential:

Retro-Commissioning is:

  • Commissioning of HVAC and control systems on a building that was not commissioned at the time of construction.
  • Buildings that were not commissioned at the time of construction should realize an immediate reduction in occupant complaints, a 20% savings in energy consumption and improved thermal comfort.

Re-Commissioning is:

  • Commissioning of HVAC and control systems on a building that was commissioned at the time of construction.
  • Buildings should be re-commissioned every 3-5 years.
  • Buildings that are re-commissioned could realize a 10-15% savings in energy consumption.