Energy Audits…and more

Some form of an energy management program is becoming a necessity for building owners as energy prices unpredictably fluctuate and buildings become older and are in need of a good renewal plan.

Our services often first involve benchmarking and auditing the facility to figure out where your energy dollars are being spent, resulting in a list of reduction ideas complete with budget numbers and estimated savings/return. After that, we can see your selected projects from design to implementation, from obtaining available funding to ongoing monitoring of systems and facilities management support to ensure you are seeing the benefits of your new energy management program.

Benefits: a reduction in your monthly utility bills resulting from knowledge of where your energy dollars are being spent and action on the biggest return retrofits; a smart and optimized capital plan of retrofits for your budget; financial help from federal and provincial programs to implement your projects; an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy Auditing:

You cannot save what you cannot measure. Auditing involves performing measurements and calculating where your energy dollars are going. As a Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers (CEM), our services provide you with:

  • Audit report/snapshot of current energy use
  • List of potential projects/retrofits, complete with savings and cost estimates
  • Estimate of federal and provincial energy grant dollars available to you
  • Simple payback, net present value and internal rate of return on your potential retrofit investments, resulting in a smart capital plan.


HVAC Design:

With our engineering and ASHRAE training, we can:

  • Perform small scale heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system design
  • Verify current airflows and heating/cooling capacities
  • Create as-built drawings of retrofit


Retrofit Project Management:

Applying our experience in working with contractors and getting energy projects done, we may manage the implementation of the retrofit and thereby:

  • Get competitive estimates
  • Provide our opinion of the estimates and work quality of contractor
  • Coordinate contractor work with building owner/occupants
  • Commission the major retrofit project to ensure it is working as intended before the contractors leave the site


Ongoing Monitoring of Energy Use:

  • Obtain annual energy bills
  • Monitor the energy use against heating and cooling degree days to gauge and confirm the success of your energy projects
  • If there are unacceptable results, we will work with the Owner to troubleshoot the issue


Federal and Provincial Grant Applications:

With our designations of Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers (CEM), our work in preparing the following have been 100% successful in obtaining available funding for retrofits of existing equipment (boilers, air handlers, motors control systems lighting) with the NRCan ecoENERGY program for commercial and industrial buildings, and SaskEnergy boiler program:

  • Audit report
  • One year benchmark of energy bills
  • Breakdown of usage into lighting, fans, motors, pumps, heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • Estimate of savings associated with retrofits
  • Estimate of costs to implement the retrofits
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis of the retrofits (Simple Payback, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return);
  • Completion of the Incentive/Grant Application