Avord Tower

Energy Management

Heating season data indicates much success with the new hot water heating system boilers at Avord Tower, an office tower located in downtown Saskatoon, SK.

Service completion: 2009
Scope of services: Auditing, Retrofit Project Management, Ongoing Monitoring of Energy Use, Federal and Provincial Grant Application
Size: 183,000 sq.ft.
Building system: Dual duct, constant volume system with reheat and perimeter hot water radiators fed by boilers.

Two 3,348 MBTU Saskatoon Boilers were replaced with a Viessman Hybrid hot water heating system configuration. One Vitocrossal CT3-57 condensing boiler (2,160 MBTU) and one Vitorond VD2-560 near condensing boiler (2,275 MBTU), complete with a low loss header, were installed.

A comparison to the average costs and consumptions for the 2007-2008 and the 2008-2009 heating seasons indicate that savings are over $12,000 for the 2009-2010 heating season.

A distinct reduction in the consumption per HDD is evident. In fact, in the first six months that the new boilers were operating, there was a 27.6% reduction in natural gas consumption. Full federal and provincial incentives were obtained.

“Thurston is dependable and resourceful. They have always been aggressive with Federal Grant applications through ecoEnergy and the previous programs, maximizing the amounts available to the building owners.” – Property Manager, Colliers McClocklin Real Estate

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