Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Energy Simulation

With the energy, water and future operating budget restrictions associated with this remote northern public project in Churchill, Manitoba, the model was an important part of the design process for the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. The entire team was creative in meeting these restrictions, resulting in creative modeling requirements.

Service completion: Spring 2010
Scope of services: Preliminary Minimum and Optimize Energy Performance Simulation (EAp2, EAc1) for CaGBC LEED: New Construction 1.0, Renewable Energy Simulation
Size: 27,800 sq.ft.
Building systems: Advanced envelope constructed complete above ground and featuring complex angles and constructions, mixture of mechanical systems described below, high efficiency lighting.

Many mechanical (and many renewable) design features were considered and modeled throughout various stages of design; all were not necessarily carried through to final design. These included lake-source heating and cooling, air source heat pumps in laboratory coupled with heat recovery, wood pellet boiler supplying hot water to radiant in-floor, solar wall to preheat dining room ventilation air, domestic hot water heat recovery, wind turbine renewable energy. In the northern remote location, a priority design consideration was the limited availability of water and fuel (propane, gas) and the energy modeling contributed to this consideration.

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