CIBC Building

Energy Management

This recognizable tower in downtown Saskatoon was constructed in 1969, and like many buildings, has undergone many small renovations and maintenance projects without knowledge of the original design intent. The results of this study speak to the importance of these evaluations and the value of re-commissioning or retro-commissioning aging buildings.

Service completion: In progress.

Scope of services: Auditing, HVAC Design, Retrofit Project Management, Ongoing Monitoring of Energy Use.

Size: 50,000 sq.ft., 10 storeys.

Building system: Two constant volume air handling units; hot water radiators fed by two steam boilers CIBC Building suffered from many occupant complaints, despite fully operating boilers and air-handling units. Having heard enough complaints, the owners asked Thurston Engineering Services to evaluate the mechanical system.

Thurston found that the problem was not in the major equipment, but in the distribution of air in each zone: 50% of the ventilation air was not making it into the space as it was being discharged (and caught) in the ceiling space. This was because the original design was to have perforated ceiling tiles to allow this air to flow into the space; however, along the way, these tiles were mistakenly replaced with solid tiles. A ducted system with diffusers directing air into the space was designed by Thurston Engineering Services, complete with as-built drawings, and is in process of being implemented.

While results are yet to be determined, it is anticipated that occupant complaints of stuffiness and poor temperature control will be much reduced, and savings will be realized as one of the air-handling units may not be needed for 90% of heating season.

“Throughout the past three years, I have come to depend on Thurston for advice on equipment assessment and replacement. They will, at a moment’s notice, meet with me or travel to one of our properties to assess a situation.” – Director, Macro Properties

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