City of Regina Landfill Operations Centre


The state-of-the-art Waste Management Centre for the City of Regina is a welcoming, adaptable and highly functional facility and site, while supporting and promoting the culture of the organization in a collaborative, sustainable and responsible environment.  Located near the existing landfill, the facility consolidates operational space for several departments; this provides opportunities for efficient collaboration while accommodating capacity for future growth. A vital component of the facility is educational spaces to raise awareness of the importance of waste management and reducing the impact on the environment. The project includes a long-range master plan to accommodate a future Public Works facility which will further consolidate City services.


Service completion: December 2020
Scope of services: New Construction Commissioning for system verification and testing
Size: 75,000 sq.ft., $35 million construction budget
Building systems: Make-up air units and unit heaters for vehicle warehouse, air-handling unit with variable volume ventilation with reheat and radiant in-slab heating for office.

Commissioning solved issues with the radiant in-slab heating control.  Most labels for zone piping were lost when the piping was connected to the manifolds.  Five of 6 office manifolds had incorrect zone control resulting in over/under heating.  MUA face and bypass dampers were incorrectly programmed such that the winter/summer operation were switched.  On-going issues with MUA heating control delayed seasonal commissioning to early December 2020.  Controls issues (due solely to time compression for meeting substantial completion deadline) resulted in significant issues with functional performance testing of the HVAC systems.  TES and the controls contractor worked together to test each system and ensure the programmed sequences functioned as intended before final hand-off.

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