Saskatoon Police Service Headquarters


Saskatoon Police Service Headquarters is an impressive facility amalgamating seventeen separate locations into one, including offices, holding cells, indoor firing range, K9 unit housing, forensics lab, 911 call centre, and large parkade in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Service completion: Summer 2014
Scope of services: assist in Fundamental Commissioning (EAp1) for CaGBC LEED: New Construction 2009
Size: $125,000,000 construction budget, 350,000 sq.ft.
Building systems: Nine air handling units (predominantly VAV) with radiant ceiling heating, condensing boiler, condensing domestic hot water plant, water-cooled chiller with fluid cooler providing “free cooling”

Thurston Engineering Services was brought into this project during system verification when the contracted commissioning agent, CFMS Alberta, realized the benefit of partnering with a local commissioning agent to provide more manpower in commissioning and to deal with the smaller everyday commissioning tasks.

The system verification activities found many issues that, when summed, would have resulted in a costly, unending investment in the City’s infrastructure.  Almost none of the necessary equipment alarms were set-up, such that an untended alarm may have seriously damaged costly air-handling units or worse.  The humidification system was non-functional due to a failed humidifier and leaking valves; radiator and reheat valves were non-responsive and air-locked; outdoor air damper on an air handling unit stayed open during fan shutdown which could have caused an expensive freeze-up of air-handling unit components in winter.  Finally, the exhaust fan in the firing range did not even engage – necessary to exhaust toxic lead and other gun emissions.  Holy smokes!

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