SIAST Wascana Parkway Centre


SIAST Wascana Parkway Centre in Regina is a technical training institute with many complex requirements, systems, and renovations over the years. Thurston Engineering Services was asked to retro-commission the facility for energy savings and occupant comfort improvements.

Service completion: 2011
Scope of services: Retro-commissioning, HVAC Design, Retrofit Project Management
Size: $2,000,000 mechanical upgrade for 12 storey building
Building system: Dual duct air system; hot water radiators fed by steam boiler (through steam-to-hot-water heat exchanger).

With the Systems Manual in hand, Thurston Engineering Services inspected and tested the facility’s many mechanical systems, looking for large deviations from the Systems Manual and opportunities for improvement. A number of adjustments and recommendations were made, including 1) adding perimeter radiation to meet setback temperatures during unoccupied hours, thereby allowing for large four-fan system to be shut down during unoccupied hours, 2) re-routed return duct to no longer dump into the cold deck, as this practice was raising cold deck temperatures and causing the chiller to run needlessly, 3) replaced cold duct only terminal units with hot deck — cold deck units to improve occupant comfort, 4) broke up perimeter radiation into more zones and added terminal units so that each zone had its own thermostat and thermal control and 5) install perimeter radiant panels on the bottom two floors of the building.

The immediate result was reduced occupant complaints, and energy savings should be realized through shutting down fans at night and weekends, and shutting down chiller for 2 more months of year.

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