USask Campus, Optimizing Energy Efficiency

Energy Management

The University of Saskatchewan [USask] set a goal to reduce its annual energy consumption and carbon footprint by 4,230 tonnes CO2e by 2030.  To help achieve this, USask set out to re-commission its existing HVAC systems in 26 buildings, totaling approximately 3.7 million ft2.  TES’s portion of this project was 10 of the 26 buildings, for greater than 1 million ft2.

Service completion: December 2020
Scope of services: Existing Building Commissioning and Energy Optimization
Size: 3.7 million square feet
Building systems: Many different systems, including services from a central plant and pneumatic controls.

Existing HVAC systems included dual duct and single duct air handling systems with heat reclaim, VAV with reheat and dual duct mixing boxes. The University’s Central Plant provides steam to hot water converters and chilled water for HVAC serving all the buildings.  Typical space use included laboratory spaces, office spaces, and lecture theatres.

A variety of issues, fixes, and recommendations stemmed from this intensive work, such that TES’s existing building commissioning and energy auditing is to save 5,000 tonnes CO2e and more than $800,000 annually. This surpassed the entire project goal on just TES’s 10 buildings.

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