What did we learn in 2014?

Thurston Engineering Services continued to learn in 2014, attending two of the largest conferences in our areas of expertise: 2014 National Conference on Building and Facility Operations (covering topics relevant to commissioning and energy management).

In addition to validation that our services are in line with practices across the country, we came home with information to share.  At the National Conference on Building and Faciltiy Operations, it was discussed that many building owners are going to a continuous optimization program: it takes 2 years to get a building humming and, as such, it is well worth retaining a commissioning agent for 2 years after occupancy rather than just until occupancy.  At eSIM 2014, Thurston Engineering Services gained expertise in daylight modeling, learned of the burgeoning technology of model-based predictive control where buildings will predict their loads and most efficiently address them (as opposed to today’s reactive control), and obtained evidence that most energy models UNDERESTIMATE energy use and specifically, overestimate savings with demand control ventilation.

These are a just a few tidbits – our industry is constantly changing.  Exciting!

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